Le Cube Universel

La meilleure solution de filtration pour cabines de peinture que vous n'ayez jamais vue sur le marché !

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Pourquoi choisir uCube ?

plus de 30kg de

capacité de charge

haute efficacité


économies de coûts

flux d'air optimal

Plus d'efficacité

Installation rapide

Transport facile

Durée de vie du filtre

plus longue

Cube vide et rempli !

Déplacez la flèche pour voir le cube rempli avec une capacité de charge de 30 kg.


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Necessary measures are applied to ensure the safety and health of our employees and our subcontractors. These measures are adapted according to the extent of the pandemic and the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the authorities of each country in which we produce.

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Poland and Vietnam remain open and continue to produce and deliver.

Production in Montréal is stopped until April 13th but we continue to ensure deliveries.

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From the first signs of the crisis, we were particularly vigilant and reactive to ensure our supplies. We have concentrated our efforts and our resources on anticipating supplies in order to limit as far as possible the partial and episodic disruptions that may occur, and provide you with the best possible service in the coming weeks.

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Veuillez renseigner votre email et votre région pour continuer.