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Separation by inertia is the working principle of the uCube. See in details our technology.

The main advantage is the 3 different filtration steps which dramatically increases the holding capacity and efficiency.

Take a look to our article available on the Aerem blog.

Converting a water wash booth or a dry booth to our uCubes will, in both situations, require a new frame to adapt in front of the existing one to hold the higher paint load.

uCube are made to capture any wet solids or liquid particles contained in an air stream:  high solid enamels, baked and air dried enamels, glues, oils, stains, lacquers, fiberglass, epoxies, asphalts, clear coats, tar, teflon, etc.

Our products are produced in our 3 manufacturing sites:

-Montreal, Canada

-Szczecin, Poland

-Hô Chi Minh City, Vietnam

It is patent pending.

All over the world.

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As soon as airflow slows down under 80 ft/min (24,3m/min) in a robot operation or 100 ft/min (30,5m/min) in a manual operation.

UCube 300: 20’’ x 20’’ x 8’’ – 50cm x 50cm x 20cm

UCube 500: 20’’ x 20’’ x 20’’ – 50cm x 50cm x 50cm


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